19 October 2005

The Recipe for Competitive Intelligence (CI)

On the SCIP Newsletter, Laura Bradley posted an educational article today on the 5 key variables that constitute a recipe for building Competitive Intelligence (CI) through something she describes as actionable intelligence.
> Market environment.
> Customer’s business objectives.
> The customer’s customer.
> Competitive landscape.
> Market feedback.

Laura says that when you address these elements and use them together, you can devise "a strong competitive positioning and lead to actions capable of surmounting the strong opponents within a dynamic and evolving market."

To get past the strategic development know-how gap, she has created a process of "actionable intelligence that enables decision makers to weigh the potential options, in light of their business strategy, and allow them to move forward."

In this article, Laura details the role of each of these 5 key variables and how they contribute to this actionable intelligence process.

I am going to explore this process a bit further and apply it to what we are doing at IFCCC right now.

For those that are interested: October 22 - 24, SCIP is holding its European Conference in London.

If anyone has been working with something like this, I would be very interested in hearing your feedback.

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