20 October 2005

Opera Enables Mobile Blogging

According to an eWeek article, Opera.

"Opera Software ASA has created a new community-centered site that allows users to blog and upload photos directly from their mobile phones. Quietly launched in September to Opera browser users, the My Opera Community site is attracting an average of 1,000 new members per day, the browser developer has said."

According to Tor Odland, communications director for Opera, "The community site is great for those that do not want to design their own site or pay for hosting costs. When you combine the Opera-powered blogs with the Opera-powered photo albums, it really is an excellent product that is freely available."

Opera seems to support many of the Nokia series, some Sony Ericsson, Motorola, and Smartphones. You can download the Opera Mobile Browser and try blogging from your mobile.

Would love to hear how it goes. Has anyone given this a try yet?

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