18 June 2007

Kids 2020 Foundation is Official

Kids 2020 creates meaning for me. Learning the role that values play in making choices - and putting them to work in creating value - is the heart of Kids 2020. What if parents could help their children learn the strategic skills to use values to make wiser choices - and identify their vision of a preferred future and build a clear path of value to their preferred future?

Kids 2020 is a powerful idea and an ambitious movement to put that powerful idea into practice.

It's been a long road. We've been gathering a force of believers along the way with expertise in their special areas to help us bring Kids 2020 to life. With the potential to change the world, this is such an ambitious undertaking.

Follow us as we take Kids 2020 into the world. You can also contribute in your own preferred way. Within a few weeks, you can visit our Kids 2020 Foundation website to participate. Please be patient while we're under construction - building the web infrastructure takes time - and lots of expertise.

We're committed to only using Open Source applications. Arjen Kamphuis has joined our team just to keep us on this track. We've chosen Plone for our content management system and Zope for our content management frameworks.