25 May 2009

Global Travel Sites for Taxi's & Hotels

Two new travel tools are now part of my travel toolkit. I recommend them for everyone who has to travel to many different cities in different countries.

First, the International Taxi Fare Calculator. Taxi costs vary from city to city. Even though this site is still in Beta, it can calculate your fare from airport to accommodation in major cities listed in their drop down menu. I've used it a few times already, and it has been pretty close to what I've had to pay.

The second recommendation is Wotif.com to find amazing accommodation deals at GREAT RATES for a broad range of hotels, motels, apartments, resorts and bed & breakfasts around the world. You can even book last-minute for rates you would never expect - at 5 star hotels as well. They are taking the empty rooms and managing "room sales".

Would like to know how you've experienced these.