19 September 2004

Google eMail Give-Away on Purpose

I have six Google email accounts to give away.

What do I want from you for each of them? Please describe the role that purpose plays in your life. Just post your thoughts here and leave me your email address and name.

I am looking for those defining moments that have helped you transcend and evolve your purpose.

I will respond to the 6 most interesting stories about the role that purpose has played in someone's life.

Be wild. Be crazy. But, be real.

14 September 2004

The Amazing Color Wheel by Jemima Pereira

I love playing with colors. For anyone who has to work on their blog template, web page or play with color on the web, Jemima Pereira has created the perfect web tool for you. And...you don't have to download it.

The amazing 4096 Color Wheel lets you hover over the color wheel and magically the perfect code appears below. You can choose web safe, web smart or unsage color codes.

I get this thrill moving my mouse around until I see the perfect color with the just the right nuance I'm seeking. This is sublime. I click, and - voila! - it adds that color to a column on my left. Another color, another click, and I see the color palette I'm building.

It's fluid, sexy and purposeful. This particular color wheel is the sleek top of the line model. Search no further, you've landed in the right space. No mistakes, no guess work.

Give Jemima's 4096 Color Wheel a try. You'll never look back!

13 September 2004

IBC 2004 in Amsterdam

IBC has been going on here in Amsterdam since the 10th. IBC is the Int'l Broadcasting Conference, The world of Content Creation, Management & Delivery

Hundreds of stands, almost 50,000 people mulling about, a conference schedule filled with speakers sharing their version of new completely connected world and all the toys and infrastructure to support it.

Saturday's keynote speech was delivered by Shayne Robinson, EVP of HP, Chief Strategy and Tech Officer for Hewlett Packard.


Robison: "We're here to help"

His core message was that HP is a utility (we got a glimpse of their storage building - shades of the film Matrix!) with virtual studio technology which will enable collaborative environments on a global scale. It's built on an open source Linux platform. HP is the driving force behind an open source industry platform called digital media platform, which is hoping to standardize and bind consumer electronics and the entertainment industry together. I wonder how this will impact Apple.

He demonstrated this new transforming technology in a short clip about the virtual teams that worked on the film Shrek 2. Suddenly, we found ourselves watching virtuals teams connected by a screen the size of a wall, conferencing across continents and collaborating on content development visually. They were using work stations and meeting spaces designed and powered by HP technology and their joint venture software partners.

They plan to make these Digital Media Work Stations available and affordable for everyone.

HP has also anchored a joint venture with Starbucks and T-Mobile to bring personalized entertainment content into a new context.

Now you can bring your laptop to Starbucks, access HP's new music library through T-Mobile's WIFI, select the tracks you want and burn a customized CD. Wow...coffee, music and something to do! This is cool content in a hot new context, and it's called Hear Music. This is the new music store - and it just opened in Santa Monica, California. Wonder how long it will take to roll out into Amsterdam and the rest of Europe?

What I never realized was that HP technology powers the stock exchanges and ATM's too.

I'm learning lots at this IBC.

Many thanks to Jonathan Marks for opening a special door for me there. Jonathan is the wizard of trends and media - and gave a whazzo presentation on practical gadgets that have caught his eye.