14 September 2004

The Amazing Color Wheel by Jemima Pereira

I love playing with colors. For anyone who has to work on their blog template, web page or play with color on the web, Jemima Pereira has created the perfect web tool for you. And...you don't have to download it.

The amazing 4096 Color Wheel lets you hover over the color wheel and magically the perfect code appears below. You can choose web safe, web smart or unsage color codes.

I get this thrill moving my mouse around until I see the perfect color with the just the right nuance I'm seeking. This is sublime. I click, and - voila! - it adds that color to a column on my left. Another color, another click, and I see the color palette I'm building.

It's fluid, sexy and purposeful. This particular color wheel is the sleek top of the line model. Search no further, you've landed in the right space. No mistakes, no guess work.

Give Jemima's 4096 Color Wheel a try. You'll never look back!

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