31 March 2010

8 Key Tech Trends Impacting Recruitment Sector

"UK industry body, Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) has published a new report examining how a range of new technologies will impact the recruitment sector and the services it provides.

The REC has now identified eight key trends including cloud computing, data memory, data security, green IT and the growth of social networks.

Recruiters can now assess the implications that such technological advancements will have on their operations."

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Ping.fm posts bounce like balls in a pinball machine - repeats posts too many times in Facebook. Anyone worked out multi-posting logistics?

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Thanks @bazflaz75 Open Source success http://bit.ly/amO5vB Open Source CMS disrupting market - web alternative to doc-based, enterprise apps

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28 March 2010

Is there a theory of everything?

Apparently not according to Skip Garibaldi, a mathematician who decided to actually do the math and write a paper about his findings.

Read more in this article “Is there a 'theory of everything?” from From Machines Like Us.

“Garibaldi did the math to disprove the theory, which involves a mysterious structure known as E8. The resulting paper, co-authored by physicist Jacques Distler of the University of Texas, will appear in an upcoming issue of Communications in Mathematical Physics.
‘The beautiful thing about math and physics is that it is not subjective,’ says Garibaldi. ‘I wanted a peer-reviewed paper published, so that the scientific literature provides an accurate state of affairs, to help clear up confusion among the lay public on this topic.’ "
image from Ted.com

Bone May Reveal a New Human Group

Infographic shows lineage.

"The discovery stemmed from work on a child’s bone buried between 48,000 and 30,000 years ago in Siberia."

from The New York Times

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What defines bully behaviour? In an organisation what best describes a BULLY? What differentiates a bully from others?

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Timeline of the New American Healthcare Bill (Graphic)

"A Timeline of the New Healthcare Bill (Graphic)"
Don't understand what is going to change or when? Here is a snapshot of key changes over the next decade to give you an idea of what is going to impact you and how soon it will take effect.

Discovered this charted timeline on Digg http://digg.com/d31Mcz1

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26 March 2010

Abandoned sites & silence dangerous in social media mix

Social networks for brands play such an important role in customer relationships. What happens when those attempts to connect are no longer populated or silent? Impact?


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25 March 2010

21st century about redistribution of work

People living longer & healthier - now what?

"The 20th century was a century of the redistribution of wealth; the 21st century will probably be a century of the redistribution of work," Vaupel 

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Is your company organised to optimise social media benefits in an enterprising way? http://ping.fm/C7oCM

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23 March 2010

UK Elections Debate2010 Largest Online Polling Forum

Salesforce.com and Telegraph Media Group Launch Debate2010 just ahead of next elections in the UK. 

Will this engagement in crowdsourcing social issues reflect true public opinion - or just that "slice of life" profile of eager participants?Will be interesting to compare the sourced predictions to the actual results. Looking forward to observing what issues rise from Debate2010.  

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18 Use Cases Social CRM - New Rules Framework

Altimeter Report: 18 Use Cases Social CRM, The New Rules of
Relationship Management
It is all about engagement and profiling.

From Jeremy Owyang at Altimeter Group "Don't know how to approach Social CRM? Start with this framework. This key framework is from the report "Social CRM: The New Rules of Relationship Management" From the Altimeter Group, in March 2010."

Read the full report and develop a strategy around Social CRM.

Stepped out of TallyFox....

I stepped out of TallyFox & into the sunshine - back to purposeful collaboration & appreciation - a great start to Spring

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