24 October 2007

Recognizing Patterns in Life - Fibonacci numbers

There are beautiful patterns in life. Mathematics is beautiful, and its beauty is in its language of patterns. There are mathematical formulas for expressing these beautiful patterns in life. One of these is called

The Fibonacci numbers - the mathematical formulas for the patterns of nature. There is also the the Golden Spiral sometimes called the Fibonacci spiral, which captures growth patterns in nature. Many think that the nautilus shell follows this concept, but in reality its growth patterns follow a logarithmic spiral, similar to spiral galaxies, spider webs and the approach of hawk to its prey.

Another beautiful mathematical formula is the Golden Ratio, governing ethestics.

We need a certain distance to recognize patterns. Sitting in an airplane, we recognize the patchwork quilt of fields, hedgerows, or city blocks below. Yet, standing among them, we can’t see them because we are too close. In other words, we can’t see the forest for the trees.

I love puzzles because I like figuring out the patterns. This is why I can easily see things that others cannot. Images, sounds, smells, rhythms, textures, groupings.
Training our minds to recognize patterns helps us put things together and move easier through our lives. This is called strategy. Some also it call it magic.

This is part of what unifies us - our lives, society, business and the economy - and holds us together. These patterns are concepts. These concepts are the stories of our lives. These concepts hold the secrets and beauty to everything. If you recognize them, you know the secret.

Our lives are made up of concepts within concepts.
The next time you’re trying to figure something out, go for a walk and look around you at the wonders of nature.
Get some distance from what you’re trying to figure out - and then look for those patterns.

Share what you have discovered by looking at the same things through a different lens. What did you find?