19 September 2004

Google eMail Give-Away on Purpose

I have six Google email accounts to give away.

What do I want from you for each of them? Please describe the role that purpose plays in your life. Just post your thoughts here and leave me your email address and name.

I am looking for those defining moments that have helped you transcend and evolve your purpose.

I will respond to the 6 most interesting stories about the role that purpose has played in someone's life.

Be wild. Be crazy. But, be real.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm from Spain amd I need a gmail account!!! But my english is horrible... So I only can tell you this. I know it's no an amazing story, but...

You can contact me here: cult@incia.es

Anonymous said...

Just wondering who doesn't have a gmail account yet. I had problems giving away my six invitations. But they are gone now..... so no interest from this side of the border.