10 October 2004

A Flower in the Garden

Flower NL 20, originally uploaded by Colby.

We can chose one flower in a garden as a metaphor to help relate a difficult concept in our business or learning practices. What we share is our story from our own perspective. When we ask someone else to share their perspective or their version of this metaphor, we begin to learn how important perspective is.

Each of us has a different perspective - a different viewing point - so how do we begin to see the real picture?

This is my answer to a very difficult question posed to me recently. Look deeply into a garden and really try to see the whole. Mark the difference between what catches your eye and what you see when you really look and walk around and see the whole garden. Now have a conversation with someone and ask them to do the same. What would you do to sustain that garden - what would they do? Compare notes.

A business is not much different.

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