17 October 2004

Protein Sculptures

Julian Voss-Andreae is a quantum physicist and a sculptor who brings the beautiful complexity of life's basic principles into a sculptural form. He creates sculptures of proteins, the universal building blocks of life.


"I feel I am closer to nature if I apply its algorithmic quality than if I just copy its appearance. My work is quite literally algorithmic because I calculate my cuts from scientific protein data using a computer program I wrote. Beside this deterministic side of my work, there is an equally strong intuitive and irrational side, where my pieces stop working as scientific models and become pure art objects.

An example is my Tall Fir Alpha Helix, 2003. I consciously diverge from making an accurate model of the spiral protein element of the same name by shortening the pieces proportional to the tapering of the 26� Douglas fir. The accumulation of small errors in combination with the organic shape of the tree caused the piece to have a striking resemble to a human spine. That unexpected new level of meaning is highly welcome and one of my driving forces for creating such sculptures."

Check out Julian's website and read his papers as well as see his work. If you get a chance to visit some of his exhibitions, make the effort. His work is impressive and very different.

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