20 October 2004

What triggers the fireworks of your creativity?

fireworks02, originally uploaded by Colby.

Even in business, creativity has its place...inside the mind of every person.

Innovation is all about accessing that creative and playful part of your mind and giving it a collaborative playground with some structure. This is how we begin to grow conceptual thinking inside business and then anchor it in something that binds all those wonderful ideas together.

Here is The Netherlands, we are known for logistics. We are currently looking at how to get back into the top 10 economically and innovatively. One key might be to bring in processes and methodologies that enhance more conceptual thinking - rather than just remaining focused on moving things around.

This difference is strategic, and requires a creative mind. Conceptual thinking is about objective strategy, defining the drivers and the playing field. Logistical thinking is about planning and moving those strategies into play.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to explore a more conceptual process with all the social media and tools of technology currently at hand?

Play with your mental fireworks and get out there and play a bit. Who knows where it might lead you.

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