24 October 2005

1st Official Board Meeting of the Institute for Collaboration Creativity & Culture

IFCCC BoardMtg @ Barry's 5.JPG, originally uploaded by Colby.

Yesterday, the nine of us spent the day addressing a wide scope of issues for our 1st official Board Meeting of the Institute for Collaboration Creativity & Culture. Barry generously hosted us in his home in Haarlem - really yummy food in a beautiful setting. (And, yes, that's Barry in front with the pear on his head!)

We're beginning to realize that we're pretty lucky to pull our talents together in such a diverse and fun-loving group.

As we ground our path forward in a nice research model, we'll get the chance to explore all the reasons why colloration works and how to track and measure the value it creates. We're developing the people, tools and processes to enable, build and maintain an innovative culture - and we're being quite inventive as we weave them together.

We're living proof of what emerges from online collaboration and networking. This has helped us construct great ways of working with people - and the tools we require to build something together.

Afterwards, we headed down to the pub to just relax and listen to some music.

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