17 October 2005

22 Megapixel Chip for Mamiya Digital Camera

Today, I took a trip to Eindhoven's High Tech Campus to visit DALSA about their project to develop the 22 megapixel chip for Mamiya Japan's new digital camera.

This is an innovative 3-way commercial collaboration between Philips (Dutch), DALSA (Canadian), and Mamiya (Japanese). Philips does not like to take risks, so they have done a deal with DALSA who wanted to access and apply Philips' patents. Mamiya was the perfect commercial client because they had an urgent need to move from analogue to digital quickly. A 22 megapixel chip is quite large, about the size of a tea biscuit.

My client is Mamiya NL. We want to make a film about the story of developing this chip, with interviews of the developers working on the technology as well as with professional photographers who will be putting this technology to work. We want to bring people together from the worlds of technology development surrounding imaging and the creative worlds of people applying these imaging systems, like professional photographers - both commercial and creative. We believe if we can bring them into new dialogues with one another, we can build on their knowledge and experiences to create new opportunities for developing new ideas, new tools and best practices for creating images.

Today was the first step in convincing them that this was not about marketing or advertising, but about building a community based on a shared interest with a common purpose. I'll keep you posted.

Check out Mamiya USA.

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