15 October 2005

Omniglot - A Guide to Written Language

Omniglot is a find for anyone who has to work in multiple languages. Simon Agar created and maintains this site. He assembled his knowledge about multilingual writing systems and technology into an independent and comprehensive resource for people.

"This site contains details of most alphabets and other writing systems currently in use, as well as quite a few ancient and invented ones. It also includes information about some of the languages written with those writing systems, multilingual texts, tips on learning languages, a book store, some useful phrases in many different languages, and a ever-growing collection of links to language-related resources.

Information about over 150 different writing systems. Each page contains an illustration of a writing system; details of its origin, usage, notable features and the language(s) written with it; a sample text, and useful links."

There is no charge for the riches found within this site. And...if you're working with multiple languages and technology, this is an abundant resource. Simon works with Oban Multilingual Strategy.

You can access:
* Definitions of writing
* Abjads/consonant alphabets
* Alphabets
* Syllabic alphabets/abugidas
* Syllbaries
* Complex writing systems (Chinese, Egyptian Hieroglyphs, etc.)
* Alternative writing systems (fictional and constructed alphabets and other communication systems)
* Writing systems invented by visitors to the site
* Undeciphered writing systems
* A comprehensive index of all the writing systems and languages featured

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