5 October 2005

IFCCC is now a legal foundation!

Well, the Dutch Connection has given birth. We've finally landed this wonderful idea of pulling all of our energies together into something we believe will serve a higher purpose - bringing communities of people together into dialogue and eventually into concerted practice with one another.

Yesterday afternoon, 4 October 2005, at 4:20 pm in the offices of Peggy Dukkers, our notaris, the nine of us signed the papers establishing The Institute of Collaboration, Creativity & Culture (IFCCC) as a legal foundation.

I thought it was important that everyone had a role and an area of responsibility that suited them, so I handed out these flourescent orange strips of paper to everyone.

Barry - Business - Landing the ideas in the reality of how people do value exchange
Gil - Culture & Entertainment - Spinning the ideas around to pollinate them
James - Creative - Playing with the ideas to generate concepts
Jonathan - Media - Creating ways for people to see and feel the ideas
Rob - Systems - Building vehicles to support and carry the ideas
Michael - Operations - Grounding those ideas to get them working and into motion
Ton - Knowledge Management - Weaving ways for people to share, collaborate and build culture
Elmine Wijnia - Research - Discovering how and why we share, collaborate and build culture
Colby - Development - Networking everybody and everything into value concepts

Front row: Ton Zijlstra, James Burke, Michael Graham, Barry Flaherty, Elmine Wijnia
Back row: Colby Stuart, Rob van Andel, Jonathan Marks, Gil Agnew

More IFCCC photos.

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