12 October 2005

Google Targets Delicious

From Michael Arington's blog Tech Crunch, Google Targets Del.icio.us.

"Google has quietly launched a nascent bookmarking and tagging product as a feature to search history.

It’s not “social” bookmarking, like del.icio.us, because bookmarks are not public and cannot be shared among users. The product also requires way too many steps to create a bookmark.

To bookmark a site, make sure your google search history is turned on. Click “search history” on the top right of the results page. Bookmark a site by clicking on the star next to a result, and fill out the metadata. "

Michael tapped the Google Blog News Channel for resource:

Read the comments from Inside Google Blog News Channel because people share their experiences. Those comments alone have urged me to spend the time this weekend and give it a try. Anyone else? I'm curious what everyone thinks about this.

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