9 October 2005

Join Fundraising Campaign for The Creative Commons

In his blog and in an email to supporters,
Larry Lessig has written a nice review of The Creative Commons and why we should support it. They are holding their first fund-raising campaign because they want to maintain their not-for-profit status in the US. The tax agency there - the IRS - says The Creative Commons has to pass a "public support test". This means they have to prove that their financial support comes from more than a couple of generous foundations.

So...to help support
The Creative Commons, please make a contribution. Through this link, you can choose your contribution level, track what others have contributed, and even get listed as a donor. I love the name tags for the different donation levels.
Donations of $75 and above will receive this new shirt design.
$25 Student

If for any reason you do not understand the value of this organization, or the strides it has made for intellectual property, please read and learn more about it.

Larry Lessig:
"We launched Creative Commons in December, 2002. Within a year, we counted over 1,000,000 link-backs to our licenses. At a year and a half, that number was over 1,800,000. At two, the number was just about 5,000,000. At two and a half years (last June), the number was just over 12,000,000. And today -- three months later -- Yahoo! reports over 50,000,000 link-backs to our licenses. "Link-backs" are not really a count of how many objects are licensed under Creative Commons licenses - a single license could cover 100,000 songs in a music database for example, or a single blog might have multiple instances of the license. But the growth does measure something: The uptake of Creative Commons licenses is growing fast, and indeed, far faster than I ever dreamed."

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