12 October 2005

Conference Pop!Tech 2005 begins 19 October

The popular Pop!Tech - The Impact of Technology on People Conference runs from 19 - 23 October in Camden, Maine. The podcasts from last year's conference took podcasting into the mainstream because they were "connected conversations about the future" and gave us access to the thought leaders like Malcom Gladwell and Richard Florida.

Pop!Tech 2005 will address the grand challenges surrounding the impact of technology on people.

"...a few of the world-changing issues we'll explore:

} Global Inventories: Using giga-pixel cameras and DNA barcodes, scientists and artists are pairing up to take stock of the world's biosphere and build new maps of the world's genetic diversity -- before it disappears.

} Bottoms-Up: From economics to healthcare, a new generation of leaders is beginning to turn their attention toward solving the problems at the bottom of the global social pyramid. There's more than just philanthropy at stake -- these innovators are betting there's money to be made by doing good.

} Up and Away: Space is "20 minutes from everywhere," and a new breed of innovators is working to bring space to the masses. We'll hear from the protagonists themselves just when you'll be able to buy a ticket marked "up".

} The Whole New You: We'll get a direct report - and a demo or two - from people rethinking and rewiring the body and the brain.

} It's Alive!: We'll look at the scientific race quietly underway to develop life, molecule by molecule, from scratch in a test-tube.

} Social Software, Social Change: Across the world, social software is playing a starring role in political and social reform. We'll meet some of the young people from across the globe who are using this tool to transform entire societies.

} Faith and Fundamentalism(s): Are we beginning civilization's most religious century? How will systems of faith embrace, shape or be shaped by new, God-like technologies?

} The Future is Female: Are men genetically doomed? Find out.

} Hypercities: We're only a few years from the point - permanently - when more people on Earth will live in cities than not. What does this mean - and what will it look and feel like?"

Doug Kaye's IT Conversations will record the sessions and make them available for download, just as he did last year for Pop!Tech 2004, providing us with the best talk for our iPods at that time.

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