20 October 2005

Dutch windmills at risk from climate change

Though I was checking on hurricane Wilma, I ran across this article on Reuter's AlertNet - Dutch windmills at risk from climate change.

"The traditional windy climate of northwestern Europe has spurred a rapid growth in windmills, mainly in the Netherlands and Germany, to provide alternative energy.

Dutch windmills, however, saw declining energy production in the past decade because of less wind, Klein Tank said.

New research shows scientists could have been wrong when they forecast years ago that global warming would cause more storms and wind in northwestern Europe, Albert Klein Tank of the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) told Reuters.

New scenarios about the Dutch climate, due to be published by KNMI early next year, predict a change in atmospheric flows which means more moisture coming from the North Sea in winter and more frequent droughts in summer, Klein Tank said.

I've noticed that our weather this season seems to be much dryer, as if we're in between the rain paths. We've also enjoyed a rather warm autumn with sun right up to now. No complaints here!

What may be more revealing is investigating whether our business climate is reflective of our weather climate changes...

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