10 June 2004

What is your "street" profile?

Do you need to raise your profile in the market place these days? Have you thought about what endorses you and builds your authority in your workspace or your market space? Have you been hunting for new work, a new role or a new job?

Personal branding is fast becoming the new way of thinking about your profile and positioning, and how you leverage that for developing your network. Headhunters and recruiters are sharing their views on this matter in global publications like the WSJ and FT as well as in local publications. It�s the new world out there in the Knowledge Society, and just doing a good job is no longer good enough. If you are on the move, the HR people are watching you in these new spaces.

Performance and �effectively managing your career path� are still top of the list, but there is a list. Being extraordinary is also on that list. And, being extraordinary shines the light on other things close to the top of that list � being visible, connected, taking risks and identifying what makes you unique. These are the requirements for the new leaders in the knowledge society.

Visibility. Are you taking advantage of all the new tools out there? Do you belong to one or more of the social networks, like Ecademy or Linked In? Are you writing a blog relevant to your community of practice or special interest? Do you meet regularly with other professionals to stay on top of what�s going on in your field? Are you sharing your opinion about your industry in your blog? Are you writing for one of the journals or speaking at one of the conferences? Visibility is not about the limelight. It�s about making contributions. People notice a job well done. People enjoy gaining a fresh perspective from an article or speech.

Connected. Have you joined the global ranks of the online social networks like Ecademy or Linked In? On Ecademy, do you participate in discussion platforms on the club forums? Do you belong to local networking clubs that meets face to face? Through one of these platforms, are you connecting to people in other parts of the world and building toward a trusted relationship through online discussions that require participation and something integral to your character? Are you technology enabled rather than technology driven? Being connected means building trusted relationships, not just tapping people for a headcount. People appreciate someone who shares, listens and inspires them. Some online social networks have created the environment, interface platforms and tools for people to really connect and build relationships over time in all parts of the globe. This phenomena is growing exponentially every week.

Calculated Risks. Have you volunteered for a project that might be �iffy�, but with your contribution and a team of others like you, just might turn out to be the winner? Have you proposed an innovative process or introduced an innovative idea into the mainstream lately and nurtured it through all the social relationships needed to keep it alive? Taking calculated risks can enhance your performance and contribute to the growth of the business. Realizing your limitations is key to evaluating and managing the risks. If you never take risks, then find a place for yourself to contribute to the team that does. They will appreciate your support and contribution.

Unique performance. What do you do differently and more uniquely from others? How do you do what you do that it creates such value and sets you apart from others? What are the behavioral characteristics that make your work unique and more valuable? Being different counts when it creates value in your workspace. Having unique talents, skills, abilities can set you apart from the others when tight decisions or choices must be made.

Whether or not you already do these things, don�t just do them for applause. In this new world, authenticity counts. Make a contribution to your workspace and to your life. Enhance what you�re already doing and raise your profile a little bit by joining this new world � the Knowledge Society. You just might discover a new way of positioning yourself.

There are many coaches available to help you reframe your content in the context of the world today. Get feedback. Just ask us. We�d love to help you discover your personal value in new ways.

If you look at the last two decades, 60% of the global output is from services. Are you service-ready? Service emphasizes the importance of relationships. Why not begin creating value with the relationship you have with yourself - and then with the world around you?

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