26 June 2004

Soulful Liberation

From the very first moment that something touches my mind and my heart, I struggle with the tension of emotional flux. Eventually, this stabilizes and finds some quantum structure in my life. It starts me on another inner journey, a period where faith is reaffirmed through feeling. Feelings have a chance to escape unchained, no fear for impact, or where they might land, since they are logistically intertwined in a dance with my thoughts and the rhythm of my life right now. I plant seeds for future expansion and prepare for another time when I can dance between sensuality and logic, discovering my own unique amalgamation of pleasure in the soulful realms between physical and intellectual.

I seem to have passed the hump of a major life decision, and it wasn't all that big of a deal. (Isn�t hindsight great?) With this sense of reverse reflection, I am leisurely inspecting the consequences. I look back and assess what I have accomplished in opening myself up to new ways � ways more akin and natural to my own content and being.

Satisfaction spreads out to fill all levels of life. I feel ready for a big change even though I don't precisely know what it will be. Life has reaffirmed my choices and rewarded me with such inspiration. My choice to stop the routine of life created so many years ago relieved me of its ball and chain. That choice gave me a set of intellectual and creative wings that lifted me up and liberated me. I feel too expansive now to be contained again in a life that required only a prescriptive contribution.

Restlessness turns to excitement now that I�ve found a cause that really matters. That cause is simply to let life discover its evolutionary rhythm.

My sudden clarity of vision gives me an element of surprise and others respond once they see the look in my eyes. Subtle signals turn into towering, floodlit billboards. I�ve put my feelings out into the world where I can let everyone marvel at my love for life. I am positively glowing and beaming my happiness and peace for all to share. All I can do is marvel and rejoice at what I simply cannot explain. The empire of the senses has its own universally understood language � even the most abstract issues seem personal. Inspiration leaps out from the strangest places.

This dance between emotion and intellect and soulful awakening requires more careful footwork, at least in the public arena. Emotions lie so close to the surface now. Obviously, my inner self is visible on the surface for all to see. I�ve found my rhythm � got my groove � and this awakened soulfulness sets my mind dancing to the tune of explorations of my heart. Life is fun again.

My mind is very active now, and I can think quickly and talk quickly. However, while new ideas and passionate words are available, I try hard to balance them with a bit of cool objectivity. Sometimes, I think I�m oozing much more emotion than usual, and it�s drawing too much attention. I can feel somewhat vulnerable now and may not have the resources to defend myself on the logical terrain where I normally excel. The positive side of this awakening may be that my actions can be strongly guided by this newfound harmony of heartfelt emotion, dreams, and intuition with good old clearheaded thinking.

Growing older can be a wonderful discovery of our inner selves.

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