13 June 2004

The Conscious Brand - The Nature of Brands

The question is: Can brands mimic nature?

Using science to understand the nature of brands can provide genuine and key insights. Regard the different disciplines, for instance:

> physics - organizational behavior
> genetics - individual behavior
> chemistry - intimate relationships
> psychology - mind set of individuals
> sociology - mind set of groups

If we begin to establish a certain set of parameters that we believe contributes to a relative brand dynamic, we can begin to observe the behavior related to that thinking.

Are you interested in contributing to this?

1 comment:

Jochem Donkers said...

Could we call the lion an A-brand at the savannah; formed by its natural instincts? And to take it back to our world, would it be possible that an A-brand is created by entrepreneur following its instincts, and not his/her marketing books?