6 June 2004


Surprises lurk in the shadows of thoughts yet undiscovered and still not shared. Focus generally tracks the light, but what happens when we attend to the shadows? In the greys beyond what our eyes only see, our thoughts pursue a context of understanding that travels beyond black and white and reaches for the precious meaning of what we seek to understand.

Lines only define the context, and words only establish the platform to begin to discuss what we seek. The shadows give the much needed texture to understand what we cannot see. It is in this sphere that we must let our minds wander, feel what we cannot touch, and search with our souls for what we believe without knowing.

How do we survive without discovering all that the shadows of our lives can offer if we don�t even go there? Where are the true surprises that bring us delight? Aren�t they most often found in the places we never look?

Are the people in our lives forever destined to a program we�ve created for them with lines and words, or can we look to their shadows more often to add new perspective and deepen relationship? Are there places within us that need to be mined by another for us to understand the shadows within? Is this where true relationship comes alive once the shadows begin their dance?

All the definition lies in the shadows.

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