14 June 2004

Mind, Matter & the Nature of Context

What are the social, economic and environmental consequences of the realization that mind and matter do influence each other and have context? The real evidence lies within living organizations. Business is complex experience - we cannot separate its fundamental parameters from the human experience and contribution - nor can we ignore the nature of the organization.

How do organizations deal with political firewalls?

It is important to understand the character of the brand and it�s interactions. There is a distinction between people acting for a greater purpose � brand - or for their own purpose - private agenda. This is where politics comes into play. Political firewalls are about people issues - manifested control - not brand issues. People and their politics force the business of the organization into territories. Territories cause blockages in the natural networking of the brand�s organizational system.

What happens if you can make use of this personal political agenda and replace the need to control with a different kind of power? How could you demonstrate a new pathway that delivers the same or more value than the political territory? Obviously, it would have to become a transformational pathway with the opportunity to develop unique personal potential and, then through that, the potential of the brand.

What are the available options to break down political firewalls?

The main tools or techniques lie in the dynamic processes of the brand. These serve as a lattice of logic to weave the operations into everyone�s understand of how to work with the brand. People need to have an image of what they�re involved in and how to experience it. People need to see their value and the value of the organization for them.

Consider path-integral techniques where there is immediate functional connection with added value benefit for performing for greater purpose - outside political firewall. Develop a systematic power scheme for scattering processes much like power grids move electricity with phase transitions. Where can the positive signals come from? How can the negative be transformed?

Look at critical mass versus critical phenomenon. What is required to make the brand and the business sustainable? What conditions must be met or satisfied for this business to be capable of enduring? What are the ways that will destroy this living system? Can you negate them? What will it look like if business is not sustainable?

Business is completely dependent on its customers, its people. People need something � even a brand in this case � to believe in. People hunger for meaning - soul food. They search for connection to their self-esteem.

So, expand the brand�s sense of self worth by reducing separateness. Help each person�s experience in the organization be dynamic, rich in possibility. The business will reflect that performance. Harness the power of thousands of business and brand connected people. Look for quantum frontiers and build conscious brands.


closed system vs open system
dependent on separation vs dependent on connections
exhibits interference vs exhibits participation
manipulated vs developed
naturally separates into sub-systems vs constant coupling to multi-environments
inner-actional vs inter/trans-actional
limited conductivity vs super-conductivity
fixed, non-responsive vs interactive, responsive
has an expiration date vs creates sustainability
static vs changing and evolving, momentum creation
Quantum Spin Ladder = vertical vs Quantum Spin chain = fluid network, delivers strengthened relationships,increased awareness, improved communications
gravitational waves vs g.w. interact with
disturb fixed core vs flexible/responsive

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