23 June 2004

Give the brand a job to do

The light wave and its ability to enslave everything into a concept through direct interaction and relationship is the core process of how all those millions of atoms hold themselves together. This is very core to the behavior of a brand used as an organizing tool in a company.

Give the brand a job to do � give it purpose, and meaning. Let it help you define the identity of your organization and it�s identity within the various worlds it contacts. Let the brand help you create consistency across all channels and but demonstrate flexibility without losing identity.

How do you do this in today�s world with all the many theories that every manager tries to apply, with all fast paced changes, with all the recommendations that come from the management consultants, and so on, ad nauseum? Reach for something simple, tangible and immediately result oriented. Use the brand as a utility to organize value.

Use the brand as an organizing utility to tie the mechanics of your business to the soul of your business.


How do we wake the brand up and let it help the organization wake up and become all of itself�all that it can be�all of the potential of connecting and unifying all of its relationships?

Every organization has its many dimensions of reality. But, how can the brand create one reality that everyone can buy into help shape, feel part of and contribute and resource?

Look to the outside world of any brand, and you can see the reflection of its inner world, the world of the behavior of the people�.that is expressed through the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of its customers - or employees - or channel relationships. The weaker the unification, the weaker the expression of that brand in its market space.

A leader with great vision and a sense of future potential that is followed by a leader who only considers shareholder performance and present day or past economic performance does little to guide people or give the company wide vision a chance to grow and emanate externally. It changes then - a brand changes - to reflect the vision of the leading group - like a ripple in a pond slowly moving outward.

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