25 June 2004

Moment by moment

Each moment weaves playful devices seamlessly into new beginnings and feels like everything needed is lining up and waiting for us. Tense and full of excitement, I crouch down ready to spring out as I wait for the unexpected. There is this simple, creeping desire to create everything moment by moment, like every stroke on the canvas when painting...curious to discover how it builds, seduced by pure creative release, and ever so intense in focus.


Figo said...

not quite. what about the moments when you feel down and dejected. when you are tired of hope. when you know that it's all coming to end. too tired to be tensed anymore. when you have the picture starting to look out of the canvas and it's not really what you wanted to see. the moment when you laid the first stroke on the canvas seems to be the biggest mistake. and it's already laid.. there are other colors to life..

Colby said...

zombie - Have you ever thought about covering the canvas with gesso and starting again with new colors and new gestures? Each of lives is a unique canvas and we are the creators. That's why I love to paint...I can transform and reshape the outcome.