9 June 2004

Space-time Ramblings in Sensuality & Logic

In the space-time of sensuality and logic, a shadow dance of great pleasure begins in both the physical and intellectual realms. This gives pause for a question of parallel universes or possibly multi-verses. Can the thought alone rebuild a chance to live life as it should be, not just here but everywhere simultaneously - or does the thought only create the instant where it happens and the consciousness of it occurs in another universe not yet explored?

Are we destined to fall into the same old pattern of only knowing what we know and not knowing what we don't... our inner self visible on the surface for all who would see it, yet invisible as it explores realms in the unknown. Can we get what we want by simply asking for it directly? Being in touch with what our logic possesses is comforting, but sometimes we want to reach out through sharing in dimensional consciousness that exceeds logic and yearns for multiple sensuality.

When the serious side of things weighs on us like a cement overcoat, is fun the only sane option at that moment? While madness descends before we realize what's hit, it demands the company of someone who retains a shred of objectivity. But, don't be fooled by appearances. The dynamic of downloading the entire contents of your mind and sensually expressing them for all to see is an act of sharing your thoughts, and it could provoke the proclivity of everyone to work toward a new perspective. Madness and sanity - sensuality and logic...inseparable or separate?

Each answer contains exciting new questions. As the discussion heads off in wild new directions, we are likely to broaden our universes in an instant. Eagerness quickens our step, taking us only moment to understand just how lucky we are. Yesterday's little problems are fodder for today�s laughter even though responsibilities are endlessly inescapable. Process excites us when it goes beyond getting the same result from endless variations. Just a few small changes improve things immeasurably and makes the difference in an environment that initially seemed singularly dimensional.

Relax and think about the future, where on one plane logic is the guide, but on another, the senses dance in a multi-verse so very crucial then to understanding beyond logic. How intriguing to play in this unknown.

Will our own consciousness open itself to a wild dance between logic and sensuality - or are we forever imprisoned in a perceived stability of the known and permanent universe of today? Oh, to disperse ourselves in an uncontained release into multiple dimensions...would it bring great pleasure or none at all? Would we be minds without souls or souls without minds? Is it even important or simply the ramblings of a mind with scrambled thoughts and feelings?

Are we fated to only dance with our minds?

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