29 June 2004

Anatomy of a Vision

We all find ourselves in discussions about defining strategy and where the business will be in 10 years. Perhaps, it is more important to think about what sits behind strategy. Vision. Vision is key to having purpose and building that path toward what brings us our true rewards.

When we go about living our lives � or even exploring how we want to do that � we look for inspiration. Great word, Inspire. It comes out of the Latin word Inspirare � to breathe. Think about this - to breathe life into something.

You have an opportunity right now to breathe life into how you think about your future. To revitalize it.

Look at this amazing convergence of multi-cultures in our business worlds�..
� Electronic technology with human behavior.
� Educational with corporate.
� Male with female.
� Dutch, Anglo, Asian, African and Latin backgrounds as well as people from so many other different countries with diverse and unique areas of contribution.
� Different disciplines and a variety of different cultural behaviors and definitions.

You can take this opportunity to explore what your collective intentions could mean to expanding your vision of the future together.

What is �vision�? Why is so important to have a vision on the future? For one thing, you should begin a new and fresh working and learning relationship with one another, rich with unspoken expectation. The old regime has departed and a new regime of personal learning is beginning. Each of you has inner intention that drives you in your individual purpose. What happens when you share that � or use it to frame a collective vision on the future?

Vision gives purpose to your journey into the future � and helps you to inspire others to join you in this journey.

Vision contains a collective of concepts�..
� The ability to see
� A creative purpose that can pull life forward
� A view on something potent that still lies ahead
� Something instilled with imagination and an understanding of core satisfaction
� An idea rich with meaning for life
� A powerful awareness that combines realism with foresight
� A concept that inspires us into building a motivating future

Creating a vision of a shared future binds us together with something powerful �
... a belief about a way of being and working
... that you can conceive and share with others
... and use as energy to create a future rich with value on all levels

Vision requires us to be brave, to believe, to give, to collaborate, to see value not only in the expected places, but also in the shadows. This is your chance to define and create what you have always hoped your life would become.

�Spiritus Mundi� is the life force that powers everything in the world. Create a vision on �Spiritus Mundi� as an amazing convergence of multi-cultures with a common cause - exchange in the purest sense.

Get in touch with that secret space unique to you as individuals, as country cultures, as business cultures, as a learning culture, and use this access to create value for each and everyone of you, the business of learning, and your customers and partners.

Don�t just do this as an act for today. Use today as the beginning, to inspire all of us to join forces and create a vision on what we believe we stand for, have to offer, and want to create � not just for ourselves, but for others, and for the future. Search for what creates meaning and value.

This is as much about your vision on community and communication as it is about your vision on sharing knowledge.

Inspire yourself and others in the business or organizational culture that surrounds you to go beyond just working on tasks and head into creating a New World of sharing knowledge and creating the communication processes and interfaces for that, on both a personal and knowledge-building level.

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