5 June 2004

Defining culture individually

Everyone seems to have their very own definition of culture. We are exploring those definitions right now, looking for what creates meaning for each culture.

Perhaps, first we should define some cultures - country or nationality, business, sexual, age, creative or scientific, and the list goes on.

I am curious about what creates a shared platform of meaning for each culture - and what establishes the differences. Where cultures converge, we have negotiated those difference. Where cultures clash, we have non-negotiated issues in conflict. What drives this?

Please share your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and experiences - your wisdom.


Anonymous said...

Hi Colby..this weblog looks great. Glad it seems to work on your Mac

Anonymous said...

Hey Colby!
I'm not very familiar with weblogs, so I guess my opinion is somewhat biased. Reads well but looks sort of standard (?) I don't know if you have the freedom to do any graphic design on a weblog? The subject matter is fantastically captivating anyway, so it definitely works for me.
X Bram