31 January 2005

Landing the Brand - Modo Fac in Edinburgh

I left the Summit for the Future and headed for Edinburgh, Scotland last Friday to participate in a group workshop with 8 other people to "land the brand" Modo Fac.

Modo Fac is the inspiration of Kerry Santo, a wild mix of Liverpool scowse humor and her amazing heartfelt social-fixer-of-the-universeunderpinned with "we-can-do-it" power. Her story alone should inspire people to join Modo Fac and continue the chain of events.

Kerry chose the name Modo Fac because it means "just do it" in Latin. She seeded the idea of Modo Fac as a club on Ecademy. We began holding discussions about a range of issues. Somewhere along the line, I moved from outside to inside. The spirit behind Modo Fac captured my sensibilities and I recognized that we shared a common purpose.

The work we did on Saturday only reconfirmed that. Using a systematic approach to capture the dynamic human content of this group, we landed it into a framework of vision, values and performance differences. With this brand architecture, Modo Fac cab now attract and inform partners and players who want to champion the building of the organization and the space. Now people can see the space where they can contribute that special bit of themself to make a difference.

The vision: ‘To create a space where people can contribute ‘when and where’ they want AND CHAMPION what they’re good at without feeling pressured!’

Hats off to Kerry Santo and her merry group of inimitable individuals dedicated to helping people be all that they can be in a business world that embraces social cause as a core value.

If you want to join in a group of people who are making a difference, and not just talking about it, the visit the Modo Fac site and invest your money into something with great purpose.

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ted said...

That's great that you've met and are working with Kerry. I've joined her founders circle after meeting her at omidyar.net/home and then talking on the phone with her. She's the real deal!