18 January 2005

Email Dialogue between Malcolm Gladwell & James Surowiecki

This week at Slate there's an on-going email exchange between Malcolm Gladwell and James Surowiecki that has captured my attention. Both clever writers on topical issues today - not to mention authors of some great books - they are addressing subjects like What Do We Mean When We Talk About Intuition? and Challenging the Standard Model of Decision-Making in emails to each other. Intersting dialogue they've got going. Have a read.

James Surowiecki wrote "The Wisdom of Crowds", a book I highly recommend you read, if you haven't already. Malcolm Gladwell just came out with "Blink after "Tipping Point" caught the attention of everyone.

James Surowiecki used to write a column at Slate and now writes the 'Financial Page' column for The New Yorker. Malcolm Gladwell is a writer for The New Yorker as well.

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