20 January 2005

The 5 Steps to Corporate Responsibility

Thought this was appropriate given the work that Martin Dewhurst is doing with CSR. Modo Fac means "Just do it".

This HBR article: The 5 Steps to Corporate Responsibility is about a company's journey through 2 dimensions of learning - organizational and societal. The author, Simon Zadek, calls it "civil learning". I like that. It appeals to me. I like what this man is saying - and I like that he's saying it in Harvard Business School's Working Knowledge, where lots of people will read it and share it. "The trick is for companies to be able to predict and credibly respond to society's changing awareness of particular issues."

We could make a meme out of that - "civil learning". Just keep saying that- "civil learning" - and pass the concept around.

The article is worth a read because it frames the whole issue rather well.

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