20 January 2005

Can you think better when you're typing?

Clive Thompson posited a very interesting question - Can you think better when you're typing? - yesterday in his blog, Collision Detection. Appropriate name for a blog about this topic.

Since we are glued to our computers, how many of us still write by hand?

I frame out concepts by mapping the thought process by hand with diagrams and pictures, and then fill it in with keys words and concepts. Then, I use this "picture" as my guiding structure for building the story. Clients love it - because they always have something to show people that explains the situation at a glance. Writing things out by hand helps me consolidate my thoughts. Once that is accomplished, the fingers fly across the keyboard.

Share your thoughts here...or...Cruise over to Collision Detection and add your thoughts to the others...they are worth a read.

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PICSIE said...

For me, when I type, I'm channeling pictures into words at a high pace. I watch what's forming in my internal space and then let my fingers move as they wish.

If I try to use handwriting, then I get frustrated, not only because my handwriting is atrocious but also because I think faster than I can write.

However, when I need to slow my thinking down I used pen and paper. You have to go at a certain pace. Plus you can draw diagrams easier. Plus there's a different connection with the page. It's more kinesthetic.

You can also, as Colby says, walk away with something in your pocket. You can doodle. You can use napkins, table tops, scraps of bad direct advertising that you won't use again.

And so on.

Just my penny thrown in.