20 January 2005

Quantum Cryptography

According to Scientific American -- Quantum cryptography has marched from theory to laboratory to real products

Cryptography depends on "factorization" or other algorithmic mathematical formulas. "It is easy to compute the product of two large numbers but extremely hard to factor it back into the primes."

"...the advent of the quantum information era -- and, in particular, the capability of quantum computers to rapidly perform monstrously challenging factorizations -- may portend the eventual demise of RSA and other cryptographic schemes. 'If quantum computers become a reality, the whole game changes,' says John Rarity, University of Bristol in England."

Government and companies needing high security tranmissions can now buy quantum-cryptographic possibilities from two companies...as yet undisclosed.

Whether or not we can be in two places at the same time, maybe our message can...coded and carried with integrity, safe from prying eyes.


coherence * said...

Re: Quantum Cryptography" from two companies ... as yet undisclosed."

MagiQ ; idQuantique

Colby said...

..and wouldn't it be enlightening to know just who their clients and customers were?

coherence * said...

Mainstreaming Quantum Crypto? MagiQ Technologies has signed a deal with Cavium Networks to boost performance and lower costs through standardized engineering protocols, incorporating Cavium's network security chips into MagiQ's servers and creating designs for networking boards. Will quantum encryption go mainstream ?

Colby said...

"Will quantum encryption go mainstream ?"Sounds to me like it already has begun!

Will be handy when we can personally use this technology for our own security and access.