9 January 2005

Homesick for my New Mexico

Since I am hiding out in my studio writing to a publishing deadline, I have music going all the time - my soundtrack for writing and thinking - a longrunning playlist created with iTunes. Suddenly, the exotic and seductive guitar from Ottmar Liebert's CD Opium sends my thoughts jet-streaming back to Santa Fe. I ache for the smell of piƱon burning in the kiva fireplaces, the afternoon sun turning the cliffs of the mesas purple, and the icy cold of the wind burning my face while the sun blinds me as I race down Al's run. The guitar is the instrument that plays the complex soul of my dear New Mexico...and no-one captures that better than Ottmar Liebert.

The Zia - our state symbol - photo from Ottmar's collection

Ottmar has an online Listening Lounge where you can sample a taste of the exquisite sounds of his guitar. If you love guitar and really unique melodic music that talks to your being, buy his CD's and listen away.

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