2 February 2005

Blog University

After the discussions during the Summit for the Future, we begin to realize that the time has come for events like Blog University produced by The New Communications Forum 2005.

I belong to a group pf people - The Dutch Connection - who are playing with the cutting edge of human communication practices and using them for creating and collaborating on business development in new ways.

What we realized during the Summit was that people, in general, need invitation into participation. Like the internet 12 years ago, it's time for another evolution. Blogs and wikis are tools for people to publish, share, co-author. This connects us in ways that move us from simply sharing common interests into sharing a practice that grows from that hub of interest.

Social cause is driving this, as well as our human need to live a more integral, conscious life. "Let me do it my way." + "Let me make a difference" People want to define their lives with meaningful purpose.

Events like Blog University createt he space for people to participate and learn and share.

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