16 February 2005

Tribute to Arthur Miller

Arthur Miller's death has raised discussions that cross borders and engage us all in thinking very close to our hearts. When you consider the social media that is enabling us to transform business models, think about how we also are taking this opportunity to transform ourselves as a society. The cultural creatives, as Richard Florida calls us, are leading the way with social entrepreurship. Arthur Miller would be proud.

I read Bob Herbert's column - Meanwhile - in the International Herald Tribune this morning. He quotes Charles Isherwood from the New York Times. "Arthur Miller's concerns were with the moral corruption brought on by bonding one's ideals with society's dictates, buying into the values of the group when they conflict with the voice of personal conscience."

We are at a place in time where we have to balance our needs as citizens against our desires as consumers. This has more to do with having a personal strategy for self-sustainability than with buying power. We live in a society that demands not only our attention, but it requires us to engage as active citizens.

This requires collaboration, creativity, consciousness and attention to culture.

Read The Crucible again. Arthur Miller demonstrated that we can make things right. We just have to make the commitment to what our hearts believe in community.

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