6 February 2005

The Darwinian Interlude

Enlightening article - The Darwinian Interlude - from Feeman Dyson in MIT's TechnologyReview.com. The Darwinian era is over, after 3 billion years.

"Cultural evolution has replaced biological evolution as the driving force of change. Cultural evolution is not Darwinian. Cultures spread by horizontal transfer of ideas more than by genetic inheritance. Cultural evolution is running a thousand times faster than Darwinian evolution, taking us into a new era of cultural interdependence that we call globalization."

Dive into the article because it goes deep into the explanation of why Darwinian evolution ended - now that we are one human species dominating and reorganizing the biosphere.

According to Dyson, the availability of biotechnology and genetic engineering in the hands of the general public will create an explosion of diversity as people play with this technology like an art form.

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