22 February 2005

Landing The Dutch Connection brand

Several of us founded The Dutch Connection - a business development group focused on collaboration, creativity and culture - almost one year ago. We come from all different kinds of cultures and disciplines. We've been meeting and sharing ideas and thoughts about a "think-and-do tank" in Pow-Wows.

Last Saturday, in The Tube Gallery in Amsterdam, 10 of us got together to contribute our human content to explore what that could mean for us working together and still maintaining our individuality, our sense of independence, and our other commitments. The day was an expedition into a possibility, a potential and a shared vision of the future.

We struggled, we explored, we discovered - and we found out that there was a common belief that this could be something. We are entrepreneurial, which sets us apart from consultants - we like to develop concepts and bring them to life.

We have a wiki space where we collaborate, so we've been posting the content we generated there. It's taking shape and beginning to look like something we can use to profile and postition ourselves very uniquely in the marketplace here in The Netherlands.

We're having a second round of Landing the Brand, so that we can try and build a new kind of business model that will capture this dynamic network of individuals, skills, talents, interests, disciplines, experience and all of our networks. We just might become an evolving showcase for the new business model for the future.

I'll keep you posted.

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