4 June 2005

Vanenburg Forum on Collaboration & Learning

This past Wednesday, I attended a forum on collaboration and learning at the newly opened Kasteel de Vanenburg in Putten in The Netherlands. This effort was effectively put together by Crossing Signals and The Global Learning Group - and was graciously hosted by Cordys.

We were there to share knowledge and insights about the issues we face in finding the right platforms that address learning, managing and sharing knowledge, and interactive communication. This was the first in a series of forums to discover the right keys to support an integrated platform that would wholely support social connectivity, learning, project management, and co-creative collaboration. Understanding how people engage and finding the right interface complete with built-in tools will be key. Tall order…we’ll see what transpires in the months ahead.

The pictures tell the story of that day much better than I can. The discussion is now activated and we’re looking forward to the feedback, which should find its place on a new blog that will be forthcoming and hosted by Rudy Hoeboer from Crossing Signals.

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