9 June 2005

Information Overload & Strategies for This

We're living in a time when we are inundated by media throughout most of our waking hours. We grapple with getting our minds to regular points of rest and focus.

Then we sit in front of our computers and stare at the files and think "Now, where did I file that great quote?", or "Which files have that info about this subject?"

What we need to do is develop personal information management strategies - PIMS. We each need a strategy that guides how we organize and file and store information so that we can access it and assemble it in our own way of thinking and working. This needs to be based on how we think, how we want to use that information, how we apply information, - and ultimately how we package that information into knowledge concepts. It's important to address issues like no online access when you spend hours on trains or planes.

Ton Zilstra uses a wiki offline that he can sync online. Great way to package your thoughts and a way to capture the bits of info that fall into those threads of thinking that you just haven't built into anything yet. A constructive path. I'm going to explore this with him because he seems to be a whiz at this.

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