10 June 2005

Quick Guide to Human Capital Management Ratings

Denis Barnard sent me an article to read about Human Capital Management. This immediately caught my eye - "The ‘Newbury Index Rating’ (NIR) for human capital value, which is based on a similar system to Standard & Poor’s credit ratings, is the first universal framework for measuring the value of staff, according to its developers."

It wasn't until I read Denis' email again that I realized this was his team who had established a standard for measuring human capital. Working in collaboration, Denis Barnard, Paul Kearns and Tracy Cartland-Ward have put together a rating system that indicates how well an organization is capitalizing on the value of its people.

In their A Quick Guide to Human Capital Management Ratings, you will find a clear explanation of The Newbury Index Ratings (NIR’s). You will also find its distinguishing strategic value in the comparison between HCM and traditional HRM (Human Resource Management).

Now I would like to follow the companies that adopt this rating system and see how they use it to strategic advantage. Again, we face the BIG questions inside organizations "Are we building markets or communities?" and "Is our organizational performance tied more to capturing the value of unique personal performance than product performance?"

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