10 June 2005

The New, Improved Technorati

Check it out! Technorati has a new Beta version portal into the world of blogs.

According to Dave Sifry, this is a beta because they want active feedback. Just start clicking and see it in action.

Here are some of the highlights Dave points out:
-- We've improved the user experience, making Technorati accessible to more people and, specifically, people who are new to blogging. We've tried to make it very simple to understand what Technorati is all about, and make it easy to understand how we're different from other search engines.
-- We've learned from the incredible success of tags, and brought some of the those same features into search, as well as expanding tag functionality. Now, if your search matches a tag, we bring in photos and links from flickr, furl, delicious, and now buzznet as well.
-- We now have more powerful advanced search features. You can now click the "Options" link beside any search box for power searching options.
-- We've added more personalization. Sign in, and you'll see your current set of watchlists, claimed blogs, and profile info, right on the homepage, giving you quick access to the stuff you want as quickly as possible.
-- New Watchlist capabilities have been added. For example, you no longer need a RSS reader to watch your favorite searches. Now you can view all of your favorite searches on one page. Of course, you can still get your watchlists via RSS, and it is even easier to create new watchlists. You can also get RSS feeds for tagged posts, just check the bottom of each page of tag results!

Your old password works here, so just sign in and go to you acount. In one overview, you have the big picture on your blogs, their links, pinging and profiles. Fun!

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