21 June 2005

Off to USA on a 5 week journey

My postings may be a bit scattered over the next 5 weeks. I have an intense travel schedule that will take me from Houston to New York to St. Louis, back to Houston, then home to visit my family in New Mexico, and then back to Houston for a couple of weeks before returning home to Amsterdam.

My focus is to create some working partnerships for our newly formed Institute for Collaboration, Creativity & Culture. We need a few solid research contracts to get us off the ground. Just the year-long journey to get here has been an adventure of discovery. We are living proof of emerging networks in action.

Because of our unique methodologies using social media and documenting research through video dialogues that capture the buzz, I have a feeling that this trip will open up dynamic partnerships for the Institute that are in complete alignment with our core. The timing is right.

So, wish me luck. I'll keep you posted.

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