2 March 2005

7 Habits of Highly Effective Blog PR

In less than a year, blogging has become one of the essential channels in the journalistic mix for a PR campaign. Blogs have impact and repercussions beyond TV and print because they connect people together in cause.

Last week, Nick Wreden from FusionBrand captured the essence of experienced PR experts in blogging - FusionBrand: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Blog PR.

1. Never pitch, personalize
2. Respect a blogger's time and intelligence
3. "A blog is not about you, it is about me"
4. Quality, not quantity
5. Feed the food chain
6. It's no longer just about the media
7. Keep learning

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Hans de Boef said...


Maybe you should also add this list to our blog. Hopefully this would change the use of the blog form forum to discussion board.