3 March 2005

Could Social Networking Save the World

Dave Pollard's blog - How to Save the World - is one of my favorite reads every day. He manages to consistently touch on topics dear to my heart and my head, and express wisdom that moves us further down our paths. He has once again caught the spirit of what is happening in our worlds.

He refers to Rob Patterson's paper about how social networking could save the world. Rob likens the impact of social software tools to how the printing press transformed life.

People now have the tools, software and platforms through Social Media to find like-minded souls and build communities online and face to face. This is transforming society, academia, business, economics, politics and will eventually reach politics. Personal social cause is at the heart of it. The power of sharing ideas with a sense of urgency is driving new ways of collaboration.

Read Dave's blog on this. You'll be inspired and will learn something enlightening about our human nature. He also has an amazing photo of networked colors of purple and green on black, which demonstrates networks, hubs and connections.

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