5 March 2005

Why vision is important

Yesterday, the class that I teach at The University of Amsterdam Graduate School of Business finally landed the vision for the alumni brand that they are developing.

I am teaching them how to use Applied Connective Dynamics to construct a dynamic network system incorporating the social, material and conceptual frameworks of human organizational systems. Basically, they learn about brands, identity and concepts and the business models that can support that organizationally.

Why is vision so important? We are moving from a product driven business model to a model of mobilizing communities. Communities are people. People need vision on their life, their beliefs, their way of coming together in practice.

Having a vision about where you take people is beacon for developing the guiding key strategies that will define the path forward for all involved in the brand. But, how do they know whether their vision is right?

I asked them to define the theory behind the practice of the brand. What is the ideology that will lead to results? If they can define this out of what they believe they can create for others, they will have the philosophy for their brand manifesto.

As far as I can see, they are on the right track. If you would like to follow their journey, let me know.

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