6 March 2005

Chris Allen's Presentation on Social Software & Social Networking

Many thanks to Dave Teten from the Brain Food Blog. He posted a link to a rather comprehensive presentation that Christopher Allen delivered as keynote speaker to the FVHA about Social Software & Social Networking. In his presentation, Chris lays out the landscape, tools and explains the journey. It's in .pdf format, so you can download it.

Last July, in his Life with Alacrity blog, Chris turned me on to the world of Dunbar's magical number of 150. He was exploring network ecosystems and effective group participation. That prompted me to write a blog about The Science of Dunbar's Number.

In this presentation, Chris once again raises the specter of just how many relationships can we truly manage as we reach out and touch hundreds through social business network platforms (SBNs) like Ecademy and LinkedIn?

Again, many thanks to both Dave Tetan and Chris Allen for sharing this.

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