6 March 2005


Wists is a visual bookmarking platform that lets you tag each site with an image or screenshot. You can link up with others by clicking on images they have tagged.

Think about this. Hey, we like the same images. What are you surfing and bookmarking? Folksonomies just took a learning curve into the visual identity forrest. Now, are you going to populate your bookmarks with images? Words? Both? The old saying is a picture's worth a 1000 words.

Of course, del.icio.us remains key for tracking with word tags. Both have the opportunity to pave a pathway toward new communities of interest.

But...I wonder if there are copyright issues here. Perhaps, this is where Creative Commons really comes into play.

Let me know how you play with Wist. I'm going to explore it as well...sniff, sniff...wonder when they'll have smells we can associate with the concepts we find attractive or useful.

Thanks to David Weinberger who posted Wist on the Many2Many group weblog on social software.

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